Friday, 8 January 2010

in spiked January 8, 2010

Punk music: never mind the cynicism

There was more to the punk scene than sneering, swearing and affected nihilism. There were some decent tunes, too.


  1. Interesting take on what punk was (as opposed to what passes for it today).

    Being of Anglo-Irish stock also I find myself a bit miffed about your generalisations about pessimism and cynicism. Moreover I can't say I've visited anywhere that those traits don't exist in some measure - but I can't say it is an English or Irish thing.

    I think punk was a natural reaction to a very bored and restrained Britain of the mid 1970's...sadly although the same ingredients exist in 2010 I don't believe music holds enough sway with the youth for the same recipe to transpire. I still hope however.


  2. Thanks Tim,
    I just thought it interesting to mention the second-generation Irish aspect. I was more trying to raise questions than give answers.

  3. Patrick,

    I think it's really thought provoking. I think there was a fascinating mixture of ingredients at play around 1975/6. Punk needed to happen - and I think it kept music interesting for longer than it was looking like lasting.

    Sadly I can't say as much for 2010, but let's hope for the best!