Friday, 21 October 2011

in spiked, October 21, 2011

Stone Roses reunion would be Fool’s Gold

The doyens of Madchester have announced a comeback, but they should stay where they belong: in our memories.


  1. I can't but not agree with you on this point as The Sex Pistols' cynicism was to be expected and cannot be faulted while that of the Roses only seems to stain them more than their disappointing second album.

    Their first foray was album perfection which encapsulated the free experimentation of music at a time when so many different strands were present and were crossing over one another. How incredibly different from what we have today!

    I feel sorry for anyone expecting any decent new material from the Roses as it seems that they used up all the fuel in one go. This cannot be anything but a disappointment.

  2. Thanks "Niccolo and donkey"! "Hope for the best, expect the worst", as the old saying goes